happy canary is capable of learning songs if we train them properly. The state of the cage where it lives, its diet and constant training are key aspects when our pet makes its first performances. Whether it sings regularly or refuses, there are methods that will improve the emotional state of the animal, preparing it to evolve its learning during its singing sessions. We explain what to do to make your canary sing.

Steps to follow:

1. Feed your canary with appropriate and good quality food. A healthy diet is essential for you to feel healthy and feel like singing. Set him a daily meal schedule, and reward him with premium seeds. You can also delight him with fresh fruit and lettuce or any other type of vegetable that provides vitamins, as well as always leaving a large amount of fresh water within his reach.

2. Protect your canary and buy a comfortable cage. Canaries living in small, dirty cages are not very motivated to sing happily. In addition to cleaning them daily , try to make sure that the cage is in an area of ​​the house where there are no sudden changes in temperature, and move it away from the windows if it is very hot or cold outside.

3. Once the canary feels healthy, comfortable, and happy in its habitat, you can start with the singing lessons. Put him on a CD with music from other singing canaries that he can imitate and with whom he can sing in unison. Listening to these songs attracts the cheerful nature of our pet and even provides them with phonetic training for their own songs. Constant repetition and imitation of these sounds will gradually improve her singing, and you can help her even more by whistling at the same time and offering her some bird treat as a reward when she is doing exceptionally well.

4. Finally, you must provide your canary with an environment of relaxation that allows him to rest. Move his cage away from spaces with a lot of traffic noise or any other type that prevents him from sleeping. Like humans, they must feel rested and refreshed in order to better assimilate their lessons. 12 hours of sleep in a quiet and dark environment will be perfect for our little singer.


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