Today, many people share their lives with an animal, and in the case of birds, the most common pets are parakeets. These birds that come from Australia have long landed in our homes, but they are used to living in community and, therefore, they highly appreciate the company of others like them. As a pet they are splendid, since they convey their joy to us both for their striking colors and for their character.

If you already share your life with one or are thinking of doing so, you should learn all you can about various aspects of their life to fully enjoy their company. Keep reading this article to find out how long a parakeet lives, find out some of its characteristics, and learn about things you can do to give it the best possible quality of life.

Characteristics of parakeets

As is well known, parakeets have been domesticated many years ago and they began to be present in our homes. They are the smallest psittacines that exist. Parakeets are originally from Australia and arrived in Europe in the 19th century. The parakeet’s most common plumage is green, but with the passage of time and its breeding in captivity, colors such as white, yellow, blue and different shades of green appeared, always with characteristic black markings throughout the body. .

Like all parrots, they are curious birds that like to investigate their environment, as they have a very good vision capacity, seeing many more colors than we do. They enjoy the company of others of their species, since in the wild they live in large flocks, and at home they can also get along with other species. If you dedicate a minimum time to them a day, they are very affectionate birds and they can even learn some tricks.

How many years can a parakeet live

The longevity of a parakeet is high compared to other small animals, but within the group of parrots, it is the species that lives the least years. The number of years a parakeet can live depends on many factors, mainly its habitat. We can find these small birds in the wild, especially in Australia, or in captivity.

If a parakeet lives in the wild, it can live between 4 and 6 years. On the other hand, if it lives as a pet and is well cared for, this little bird can live up to 15 years. This great difference is due to the fact that in nature they have diverse predators and suffer diseases that are not always easy for them to overcome. Living with us, we give them the attention they need, they stop having predators around them and if we care about their health and well-being, we will prevent them from contracting some of the main diseases of parakeets.

 Care to improve the quality of life of a parakeet

There are many things we can do to improve the quality of life of our parakeet and thus enjoy more time in their company. We must learn as much as possible of their needs and how to care for these birds.

It is essential that before bringing it home, we have everything prepared, choose the appropriate cage and decorate it with a toy or two, since they need an environment rich in distractions which we must change every so often. In addition, as we have already mentioned, they like to live in a group, so if possible it is good to have a birdie partner at home.

They need to get out of the cage for a few moments a day to exercise their wings and their minds, if you allow them; they will thank you with much love and joy. It is just as important to take into account everything related to its diet, so we invite you to read the article how to feed a parakeet in which you will find what you need to know.

Finally, it is vital that if you observe anything out of the ordinary in your little winged companion, take him to an Avian Certified vet to check it out. Now that you know how long a parakeet lives and some of the things it needs to live longer, you can enjoy your life together to the fullest.

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