If you like exotic animals and you are thinking of acquiring one, you should inform yourself very well about the care and nutrition that your future pet needs. This is the case, for example, of macaws, one of the favourite pets of many animal lovers. However, what many people do not know when they buy this pet is that their diet must be quite rigorous. Need help? Here you have it! Here we explain how to feed a macaw.

Dry food

The first thing you should know is that the macaw’s diet is divided into: dry food and wet food. And as its name suggests, dry foods are sprouted seeds, nuts, and legumes. Foods that the macaw should consume daily.

Wet food

For a good feeding of the macaw, we must not forget about wet food either. Many people are surprised, but blue and yellow macaws also have to eat fresh vegetables and fruit. In fact, our pet must eat about five different pieces of fruit or vegetables daily.

Where to buy

We all know where to buy these foods, both dry and wet. But if you have questions about the macaw’s diet, it is best to consult your veterinarian or ask at a pet store.

The amount of food

And how much should our pet consume daily? In feeding the macaw, experts advise us an amount of around 10% of its body weight, both wet and dry food. Something similar also happens with the feeding of parakeets.

Share your opinions

So now you know, do not neglect your pet’s diet, because she also has diseases and needs vitamins and nutrients to grow healthy and happy. Have we forgotten something important? Let’s forget to share with us your tips and experiences on how to feed a macaw.


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