Did you forget to close the cage door and your parakeet has escaped? In case it is so, surely you will be very worried about finding it. It is most likely close to home, as these birds cannot fly too far. Also try to ask your neighbours if they have seen it because perhaps someone has already rescued it. So that you know how to act in these cases, here we explain how to find my parakeet.

Steps to follow:

1. As soon as you realize that your parakeet has escaped, try to locate it in the vicinity of your house, since they are animals that will not fly very far.

2. If you have another specimen, use it to find the lost parakeet. Place the cage in the window, garden or take it with you while you search, so that the song of this attracts the other animal.

3. Once you locate the parakeet that had escaped, use some food or object that you think may be a good attraction for the animal.

4. When you have the parakeet around, you should never make sudden movements to avoid scaring it and letting it go away again.

5. If your parakeet is trained and this is possible, it would be ideal if you managed to attract your parakeet to a closed place so that it does not fly away again.

6. In case your bird is not trained to put it back in the cage, have a cloth ready with which you will have to cover it to be able to catch it.

7. Once the parakeet is back in its cage, you should give it food and drink because it will surely be hungry; you can see here how to feed a parakeet.

8. Check its health (plumage, beak, legs …) and in case you detect any abnormality, take it to the vet.


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