The peacock is one of the most colourful birds that we can find. Their plumage has captured the attention of humans since ancient times, especially women who wanted to keep them for themselves and use them as decorative elements. Over time, many cultures have given their feathers their own symbolism. Here we explain what the meaning of a peacock feather is. Do you dare to know more?

Steps to follow:

1. Over the centuries, this animal has been associated with different gods in different cultures, and its appearance and beauty hardly go unnoticed. For the Greeks the peacock had to do with the goddess Hera, the wife of the great Zeus. The circular shapes in their feathers were for them the eyes that helped this animal and its goddess to see everything that happened on earth, which is why it became a representation of the knowledge and wisdom of the deities

2. For Buddhists this animal is the symbol of being accessible. The peacock spreads the feathers of its tail showing itself as it is, showing everything without hiding anything, a quality that for this religion represents something very positive.

3. The peacock is also the representative of the god Lakshmi for the Hindus, its shape, beauty and feathers signify goodness, luck and patience, noble characteristics highly appreciated among the practitioners of this religion.

4. But its name clearly denotes one of its strongest symbolism: the peacock feathers signify nobility and glory; hence it is one of the royalties of the bird world. This animal feeds on poisonous plants; however it can survive it, so it also manages to symbolize immortality and the difficulty to corrupt itself

5. But we cannot ignore that it is a very vain animal that is not afraid to show itself to get what you want, that is why for many its feathers have a negative meaning: precisely that of excess vanity and the superficiality of the human being.



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