Although parrots are highly disease resistant birds, they can occasionally carry parasites, like most animals. Depending on the area of ​​the parrot where these parasites act, we can distinguish between internal parasites and external parasites. Here we give you the keys to know if your parrot has parasites and what type, in order to act correctly and fight them.

Internal parasites

When we talk about internal parasites, we are basically referring to intestinal worms and a type of protozoa (microscopic parasites) called coccidian.

Both are quite frequent; in fact, parrots that live in the wild usually have a certain number of these parasites in their intestines without causing symptoms.

The first sign you will notice, if your parrot has internal parasites, is diarrhea. In cases of diarrhea, the stools appear less solid, with decreased consistency.

External parasites

The external parasites that can affect parrots are mainly mites.

Anyway, they are less frequent than the previous ones, except in parakeets.

When it occurs in parrots, nervousness, signs of itching and sometimes feather fall are usually noted.


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