The parakeets are birds originating in Australia than in the wild live in large flock and make their nests in eucalyptus trees. They can be of different colors, although the most common are green and yellow or blue and white. Currently the parakeet is a very common companion animal, since they have become very accustomed to living in cages. These little birds are a good pet to train, especially the younger ones who are more docile, and get them to follow our instructions. So that you can teach yours, here we offer you some tips on how to train a parakeet.

Steps to follow:

1. The training or teaching of these little birds depends on two factors: the parakeet and the skill of the person who wants to train it.

2. If you have just bought the parakeet or have just been given it, you will have to wait a few days before training it, so that it gets used to its new home.

3. Once adapted, you must earn their trust.

4. Place the cage in a popular place in the house, so that it gets used to human presence.

5. Try not to scare him with sudden movements and, when changing his food, do it calmly.

6. Speak to him in a soft and pleasant tone of voice, do not yell at him.

7. To get it to get on your finger, you can do it with some kind of candy or prize so that it gets closer to you day by day and, finally, it loses its fear and goes up.

8. When he’s already tamed or tamed, you can try teaching him some other skill: getting in and out of the cage, having him come to you by calling him, etc.

9. The fundamental thing to train a parakeet is: patience and time.


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