The birds that often have as pets (canaries, parakeets, parrots …) can have problems beak and nails by the fact of living in a cage. Those who live freely in the forest wear their nails and their beak naturally, but those who live in captivity often have nothing to do with it. It is important that they do not grow too large because this would cause them great discomfort and could even make it very difficult or impossible for them to eat. Here we tell you how to prevent your bird from having beak and nail probl


Steps to follow:

1. The birds must have something to wear down their beaks and legs so that they do not grow too large and pose a problem. In the case of the beak and, especially in parakeets and canaries, different objects are used such as: cuttlefish or cuttlefish bones, calcium stone or other accessories that you can buy in your pet store.

2. In the same way, when living in cages, our birds will not wear down their nails and that can be very uncomfortable for them. In addition, they can harm us if they land on our hand or they can damage the furniture if we leave them loose in the room.

3. We can choose to cut their nails ourselves with the help of scissors or a nail clipper, but it is a somewhat risky option. The best thing is to take our bird to the vet so that he can trim his nails.


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