When we talk about parrots, we generally refer to a group of birds known as parrots that, in addition to the parrots themselves (such as the yaco or gray parrot), includes parakeets, parrots and macaws. In the case of parakeets, the differences between males and females are very easy to see with the naked eye, but things get quite complicated in the rest. For this reason, in this article we will give you the bases to know if a parrot is male or female.

Secondary sexual characters

Secondary sexual characteristics are those attributes that are not directly related to the sexual organs but that are different in males and females. These characteristics are usually more evident in adulthood and can be helpful in differentiating the sexes.

In terms of physical appearance, male parrots are much larger, much more colorful, and have longer heads.

In terms of character, in most species, females tend to be more aggressive than males (especially in the case of parakeets).

Pubic palpation

It is one of the most used methods, since it is more exact than the previous one, it can be performed in young animals more or less reliably and it is cheaper than endoscopy or DNA tests, which we will see below.

However, it is not a 100% safe procedure (far from it) and some experience is needed to be able to carry it out correctly.

It consists of taking the parrot carefully, placing it face down and palpating the pelvic bones. In the case of females, it should be possible to feel a separation between the pubic bones that can measure more than half a centimeter.

The vet

If you have not reached any conclusions with the above, we recommend that you visit an expert veterinarian in exotic animals to help you determine the sex.

In addition to the methods already exposed, there are two more, infallible, but that require a specialist: a DNA study (blood samples or even feathers can be obtained) or an endoscopy (which consists of introducing a camera inside the animal to differentiate their reproductive organs).

male or female


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