If you like birds and want to start taking care of them in your house, flat or garden, in this article we will advise you how to make a cage or house for birds and birds to take care of them. In this article we will explain how to make a cage for at least 10 or 15 small birds. If what you want is a smaller cage for birds and birds, follow these instructions.

Steps to follow:

1. Choose the space for the cage. This point is important and we must choose a good place to make the aviary, it is important to find a place a little sheltered from the wind and that does not get constant sunlight. The birds will be more comfortable if the space is cool; probably a North or Northeast setting is best. This will of course depend on your setup. The one shown here is built against a house, which gives shelter from the wind and cuts down on materials, as you only have to buy enough for 3 sides.

2. The next step is to make the iron frames to make the cage , you can also use a wood but it will require more maintenance. It is important that the structure is made of iron with holes to which you can attach the net. As you see in the photo, the cage for birds and birds has an approximate size of 1 cubic meter / 35 cubic feet.

3. A very important aspect of the cage is the water trough. For this you only have to get a little water to the cage and collect it with something small – a tile, for example – so that the birds can drink more comfortably. There are numerous automatic waterers that will make this part easier.

4. Next is the roof. We will make the roof of the cage for our birds with a normal tile, which is highly recommended to insulate the cage from heat and protect it from water.

5. For the wire mesh, sides, the grid must be small to prevent even medium birds or small birds from escaping through it, we must also tie it both at the foot of the cage and at intermediate points to ensure the attachment of the wire mesh to the cage. The attachment will depend on the type of mesh; when using wire mesh, staples, nails, or even zip ties are useful.

6. Cleaning – It is very important to keep the cage of our birds clean to prevent disease and, at the same time, maintain hygiene. You will need to remove the bird’s droppings daily and wash the waterers, as well as wash the feeders and accessories several times a week.

The following video might give you a good idea of building a free-standing aviary for small pet birds.


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