Did you find a chick and take it home? Although this is the most humane reaction of those who come across a baby bird on the street, the truth is that sometimes it is not the most appropriate option. And it is that wild species should not live in captivity and having them at home can be a serious mistake. However, if you already have the bird at home, it will be essential that you know how to feed a chick and that is why we want to offer you these recommendations.

Steps to follow:

1. As we pointed out in the introduction to this article, taking home a chick or baby bird of any species is not as good an idea as it seems. And it is that wild birds must live in freedom and fend for themselves, so putting them in a cage or a cardboard box and feeding them can be a direct condemnation.

Likewise, you should know that if it is a young bird of prey (hawk, eagle, owl, owl …), it must be taken directly to a bird or animal recovery center in general to take care of the chick . And it is that, in addition to the special needs of these species, it is not legal to have birds of prey or protected.

2. That is why if you see a chick on the ground, apparently abandoned, the first thing you should do is try to locate the nest from which it has fallen or from which it has been thrown. If you find it, it will be important that you return it to its nest; you can also choose to place it in a nearby place like a tree and wait to see if its parents come back for it.

If it is in an area where it is in danger, such as a road or near a manhole where it can fall, you should remove it and place it in a safe place. However, you should try to handle it as little as possible.

If you have not been able to find the nest and the parents have not returned in search of their young, you can try to adopt the orphan bird and take it home. Even so, you should know in advance that the chances of it surviving are not high, especially if it is a newborn chick.

It is also very important that, when feeding the chick you have adopted, you use latex gloves and tweezers to feed the little bird to avoid transmitting diseases to the chick.

3. Getting into the matter of how to feed a chick, it will be necessary that you get some of the following foods to prepare the diet of the orphan bird:

  • Pasta for insectivorous birds
  • Dry dog ​​food for puppies
  • Dry cat food

And is that any of these three products will serve as a basis for feeding the chick, since they will help offer all the necessary nutrients for it to grow strong. In case you do not have pets or do not eat this type of food, you will have to go to a pet store to get it.

4. Once you have any of these foods, you should dissolve it in a cup of warm water so that you can prepare a paste to feed the chick. You should achieve a creamy consistency, similar to that of a yogurt. You can also add some food such as boiled egg or ground eggshell to offer a greater protein intake.

In the case of the chicks of insectivorous birds such as a baby swallow, it will also be necessary that you offer them some live insects such as worms. If it is a granivorous bird, you can gradually incorporate some seeds into its diet, such as sparrow hatchlings. Although if you do not know what species it is, do not risk it and consult a veterinarian.

You can offer the food with forceps, as we mentioned before, or use a syringe without a needle to give the food directly to the beak. If he refuses to eat, you can try to open his beak very gently to introduce food.

5. Likewise, it should be noted that you should not give water or milk to the chick under any circumstances, since the birds will obtain their source of hydration directly from the food. Remember that they are not mammals, so milk will never be part of their diet and we will only cause a digestive problem if we offer them this food.


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