If we find an injured swallow baby, we can take care of it before releasing it back into its habitat. If we set her free while she is not fully healed yet, it is difficult for her to survive.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing we have to do, after treating the brood’s wound , is to go to a specialized store to buy brood paste for insectivorous birds. It is a product that will not be difficult for us to find.

2. We will also have to buy a special syringe that we will use to administer the food paste, mixed with water.

3. When feeding the swallow, we must direct ourselves with gentle movements to prevent the baby from being scared and refusing to eat.

4. Although the normal thing is that if it is hungry, the swallow instinctively opens its beak, some babies will refuse to open its beak and, then, we will be the ones who have to open it. We must proceed very carefully to avoid causing harm to the animal and, also, so that it does not bite us.

5. Once prepared, we will have to slightly introduce the syringe into the beak of the animal and, little by little, push so that the paste mixed with the water, goes into the throat of the baby.

6. We should give the baby five or six daily intakes of the pasta mixed with the water. In addition, we can leave her a container with water that she can drink by herself whenever she wants.

7. When we finish feeding the baby swallow in each of the feedings, we must clean its beak to avoid any infection and also check that the paste does not obstruct the animal’s nostrils.


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