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It is very important to keep the cage of our birds clean to prevent the birds from contracting any disease and, at the same time, maintain hygiene at all times. You will need to remove the bird’s droppings daily and wash the waterers, as well as wash the feeders and accessories several times a week. In this article we present the steps to follow so that you know how to clean the bird cage. Steps to follow:

1. First of all, it should be noted that our birds must have a cage appropriate to their size and species, so that they can move without any problem. We recommend that you consult our article how to choose a cage for birds.

2. To be able to clean it more easily, we recommend that you place a newspaper or some other element at the bottom of the cage where excrement, feathers and other dirt fall, so that you can later remove it and replace it.

3. Also, most cages have a tray that can be removed to wash and / or we can directly remove the entire lower part of the cage (which is usually plastic) to clean it thoroughly.

4. To clean the bars of the cage, you will first need to remove the bird and place it in another cage or a safe place. We recommend not wetting the metal part directly, as it could lose the paint or enamel and rust, so it is better to use a damp cloth.

5. The drinkers and feeders can also be removed to clean them and thus prevent dirt from accumulating in them and, therefore, prevent any type of disease in our birds.

6. The bird’s toys  (swings, mirrors, baths …) should also be cleaned regularly in order to keep them in perfect condition.

7. When cleaning the cage and accessories, we recommend using soap and water or a dishwashing detergent and, in case something is extra grimy, you can use bleach, which will help disinfect. Be sure to rinse everything well, especially in the case of bleach.

8. To access the most difficult places, you can use a small brush (for example, a toothbrush) that you will only need to clean your bird’s cage, thus preventing it from becoming contaminated.

9. In pet stores, you can also find specific disinfectants so that your bird’s cage is kept completely clean and free of any type of bacteria. We like this one.


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