Do you have a precious Mandarin diamond as a pet? It is a very peculiar bird also known by the name of the Timor zebra diamond or zebra finch. It is a species of passerine bird native to Australia, characterized by its beautiful cream and reddish plumage on its beak and legs. If you want to know better about this species of bird, we recommend that you keep reading and discover what the most common diseases of Mandarin diamond are.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the most common diseases is intestinal inflammation or enteritis. Symptoms that reflect this disease are diarrhea, listless behavior, weight loss, and drowsiness. The cause of this ailment is usually bad food, sudden changes in temperature, germs such as colibacilli, pasteurela and salmonella. The best way to prevent it is to be very careful with food, and above all, paying special attention to the hygiene of your bird and its cage. Try to clean his accommodation frequently, disinfect all accessories, in addition, you must give him appropriate food, always in good condition and treat with a broad-spectrum antibiotic, always following the vet’s guidelines. See also our article about how to care for a Mandarin diamond to resolve doubts.

2. Another common Mandarin diamond disease is constipation. Symptoms are difficulty evacuating, swollen and swollen belly, and irritated cloaca. It is common to see the bird continuously wagging its tail down to expel the feces. The cause of this problem is that the food is very dry and astringent, and also sudden changes in temperature.

To prevent it, you have to give them a varied, balanced diet rich in fiber. And pay attention to sudden changes in temperature. To treat constipation, you have to change your diet and provide a water-soluble solution to regulate intestinal transit. It may also be helpful to provide supplements of charcoal and cod liver oil mixed with the bran.

3. Cloacitis is another of the common ailments of Mandarin diamond. It refers to the inflammation of the cloaca, and it is a disease that affects more females. The clearest symptom is that the abdomen swells, the cloaca becomes red and there are problems with defecation. Feces also catch on the tail feathers, which makes inflammation difficult. The cause is feeding problems or adaptation to the environment, and sometimes they are consequences of laying eggs. To prevent this disease you have to have a very careful life and hygiene. And the way to treat is trying to thoroughly clean the area, apply an ointment with zinc oxide and eat a healthy diet.

4. Another one of the most frequent ailments in Mandarin diamond is intestinal worms. The symptoms of this disease are drowsiness, white fragments in the stool, and thinning. The worms are caused by some parasites such as roundworms, cestodes and capillaries, and sometimes they can be transmitted through waste. If you want to prevent this problem, the best way is to take care of your bird’s accommodation, monitor hygiene, and ensure a healthy diet. The treatment of the worms is with an optimal cleaning, and supplying a vermifuge.

5. Plumage acidosis is a common disease of the Mandarin diamond. The symptoms are very clear, the bird does not stop scratching, it is restless, its plumage is dull and it has a kind of dandruff. The cause of this ailment is external parasites such as the mite, red, gray or louse, which are installed in the cage and accessories of your bird. The best form of prevention is thorough cleaning and hygiene. To treat, you must disinfect the cage and all the objects of your Mandarin diamond, and apply an appropriate ant parasitic for birds.

6. The abnormal molting of the plumage is also another of the typical health problems of the Mandarin diamond. The symptoms are the fall of the primary and secondary feathers outside the mount period that is usually summer. Nutritional deficiencies and lack of hygiene are the causes that cause this type of excessive shedding. The way to prevent this type of problem is with a varied and balanced diet, and above all, a very hygienic environment. The optimal treatment to cure excess shedding is by changing the diet, a perfect hygiene of the bird’s environment and supplying a multivitamin complex in the water.

7. Abnormal beak growth is another common Mandarin diamond disease. As a consequence, the upper part of the beak grows uncontrollably; the cause of this strange problem is the lack of cuttlefish bone and dietary deficiencies. If you want to prevent it, for your part the best thing you can do is to try a healthy and balanced diet. To reduce the peak, you can use a special lime and give whole or crushed cuttlefish bones, along with the bran paste.


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