About us

We’re a group of Bird Keepers who became frustrated with the inaccuracy of much of the advice floating around on the Internet concerning pet birds. So we developed this site to help owners know they could come here for advice.

At BirdsKeeper you will discover countless tips, tricks, guides and content developed by experts and members of the pet birds’ community.

BirdsKeeper is the reference website of birds and their owners, where you will discover quality content prepared by different professionals in the sector. We bring you the most up to date information from veterinarians, trainers and educators and experts. We work constantly to update our knowledge and yours.

BirdsKeeper  covers a wide variety of topics and stands out mainly for its veracity. All the content on the site is reviewed and validated by professionals and birds experts.

Please always consult with your Certified Avian Veterinarian when needed. We do not take the place of in-person medical care. Use our site at your own risk.